Sod Varieties

Green Prairie produces four sod varieties providing you with a choice that will fit your exact needs.”

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Tall Fescue

– Best sod for homeowners, landscapers, commercial, and sports facilities

– Stays green year-round and needs medium maintenance

– Needs at least five hours of sunlight a day

– Fescue has a broader leaf therefore able to absorb more sunlight even in shaded areas

– Our fescue blend is drought tolerant and has deeper roots from our Extended Root Technology

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– Recommended for golf courses, parks, roadsides, and sports facilities with little-to-no shade

– Stays green year round and is a medium maintenance sod

– Dense, beautiful appearance from its lush dark green color and exceptional leaf uniformity

– Horizontal root system

– Shallow root structure, and cannot compete with other plants with larger root systems

– Will flourish in open spaces

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– Great for pastures, full sun areas, and hillsides

– Stays green until the cooler months where it quickly browns up after the first frost

– Low-maintenance grass that needs little attention and will survive in harsh, dry conditions

– Slow-growing nature, making it the perfect grass for hillsides that are harder to mow

– Intricate root system

– Spreads out horizontally under the soil and has “runner” roots that grow deep into the ground

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