Sod Installation

How to Install Sod

Sod should be installed immediately after delivery. During warm weather, the sod needs to be rolled out within 12 hours. In cold weather, it may be kept on the pallet for up-to 24 hours after delivery. Installing sod in temperatures of 85 degrees or above is not recommended. If you must install sod during the summer, installation should be planned for the cooler hours of the morning or late evening.

  • Start at the longest, straightest edge. Complete this row before starting the next.
  • Do not overlap or leave spaces between the strips.
  • Stagger the joints in a brick-like pattern.
  • Roll or tamp the sod to press out air pockets and bumps.
  • On slopes, start at the bottom of the hill. Lay the sod horizontally. Generally speaking, if a slope will be difficult to push a lawnmower on, the sod will need to be stapled. Use three staples per roll.

Guidelines for Watering

Temperature: 32°F-60°F 61°F-85°F Above 85°
When to Start Watering? Day of installation Within 20 minutes of installing first strip Water each roll as it is put down
How Often Should I Water my New Sod? Every other day for 2 weeks Once a day for 2 weeks Twice a day for 2 weeks
How Much Water? ½ inch ½ inch ½ inch

If you are unsure of what a ½ inch of water is, put a rain gauge out in your yard to track your sprinkling system.

Water, Water, Water

Our general rule of thumb for newly installed sod is:

Lift up the corner of your roll of sod, if the dirt under the roll is dry, your sod needs more water.

If it is a bright, sunny day, water each roll of sod as soon as it is rolled out. As soon as you have a large enough area, set a sprinkler system out. As soon as you have the sod saturated with ½ inch of water, move the sprinkler to a new area.

  • Remember….. sprinklers miss corners!
  • Sod cannot be hurt by over-watering unless it puddles on top
  • New sod needs 1½  inches of water per week. Around trees and other large plants, grass needs 2 inches of water.
  • Once the roots are established, we recommend ½ inch of water per week. When roots are established in your sod, remember that thorough, less frequent watering is best for healthier plant growth. Grass roots will grow deeper in the soil to find the water source, securing a healthier, sturdier plant. Frequent, shallow watering results in shallow roots.

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